Beginner’s Guide To Keto Diet

Beginner's Guide To Keto Diet

A Beginner’s Guide to Keto Diet is a good option for new dieters who want to lose weight quickly and are interested in learning how to change their eating habits. The book, written by Ralph D. Harvie, an ex-convict turned doctor and health specialist, offers a “straight talk” approach to losing weight. It shares the many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet, including a strong desire to remain healthy, faster weight loss, more energy, and increased fitness. The foods, called “ketones,” are used as fuel to sustain the body and help to break down the body’s fat stores for energy. When the dieter cuts out carbohydrates and sugars, he or she is using only fats for fuel.

Beginner's Guide To Keto Diet
Beginner’s Guide To Keto Diet

Beginner’s Guide To Keto: Insulin Secretion

When the Ketosis occurs, the insulin reduces. The pancreas creates insulin. This decreases the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream. The pancreas produces large amounts of insulin to balance glucose levels. Insulin, however, is not a long-term solution to obesity. When the body has too much insulin, it works to convert body fat into muscle tissue and then store the fat in the body for future use. Short-Term Vs. Long Term Solution

Beginner’s Guide To Keto: Short-Term Vs. Long Term Solution

Rather than treating the problem with a long-term solution, the book recommends starting the diet with a short-term solution and adding more pounds as time goes on. The book also points out that following the diet can cause other problems, including negative health effects like high blood pressure, constipation, digestive problems, depression, high cholesterol, etc. The short-term solution of eliminating carbohydrates and sugars from the diet is, in reality, a long-term solution. If carbohydrates are reintroduced gradually, it will take longer for the blood sugar levels to become unbalanced. The process will take longer but it is more sustainable.

Beginner’s Guide To Keto: Carbohydrates Broken Down

Once the body is in Ketosis, carbohydrates still break down to get the glucose out of the blood. However, they will be replaced with ketones. By eating only the ketones, the body is able to get the glucose it needs from the body fat stores. The book points out that cutting out sugar and carbohydrates from the diet is a way to start losing weight. That too, without starving yourself. For those who have never been on a diet, this may sound like a contradiction. However, because of the way carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, it takes longer for the body to get glucose when glucose is restricted.

Beginner's Guide To Keto Diet
Beginner’s Guide To Keto Diet

Frustrating Diet

Also, for some people, being on a diet can be frustrating and demoralizing and can drive them to starve themselves to gain weight. Therefore, the challenge with fasting is to find ways to satisfy cravings without starving the body to death. The book also contains a detailed list of recipes for the keto diet that helps people lose weight. The recipes include meals that the dieter can prepare at home, eat at restaurants, prepare in the oven, and more.

Diet! No More A Frustration

Although there are a few critics who say that it is hard to stay on the diet for long periods of time, the majority of dieters are finding it very easy. The introduction of the book made people skeptical about it and the entire concept of a “fad diet.” However, once they experienced the benefits of having the Atkins Diet, they saw how easy it was to stay on the diet for weeks at a time.

In Conclusion

The book has a Caviet mentioned in it, however. There is no evidence that shows that the Ketosis diet is safe for pregnant women, people suffering from heart disease, and people suffering from osteoporosis.

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