ketogenic diet weight loss - How Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?

How Does The Ketogenic Diet Lead To Weight Loss?

How Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?

The ketogenic diet leads to weight loss, that too in a short time. In the keto diet, our body goes through a cycle called ketosis. You have to consume a lot of fats and proteins in this diet. Usually, our body burns carbohydrates present in our body to produce energy. Thus, in ketosis, your body starts burning fats to provide energy to your body. The burning of fats leads to weight loss. The keto diet is a safe and healthy process to lose weight.

Therefore, many celebrities, sportsperson follow the keto diet, and it shows that the keto diet is one of the best methods to lose weight. Here are some tips and types of keto diet which can help you reduce weight.

How Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?
How the Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?

Various Types Of The Ketogenic Diet Which Can Lead To Weight Loss

  • The standard ketogenic diet– in this diet, you have to consume a considerable amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein, and very less amount of carbohydrates. Hence, you can only take 20 g – 50 g of carbs, and 40 g – 60 g of proteins. There are no limits on the amount of fat. Mainly, you have to focus on your carbohydrates intake. You have to take a large number of fats, as they provide you with energy in this cycle. Hence, there is no limit on the consumption of fat because its usage depends on your body structure.
  • The targeted keto diet – Hence, this diet is almost similar to the standard ketogenic diet. But, in this, you have to consume carbs around your workout time. In this, you can eat a certain amount of carbs on the days when you workout. Thus, your body efficiently uses all the carbs taken before or after the workout.
  • High protein ketogenic diet – In this diet, your consumption of protein increases, and fats decrease a bit. Hence you have to consume 35% of proteins, 60% of fats, and 5% carbs. This diet is beneficial for the bodybuilder who doesn’t want to lose their muscle mass.
How Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?
How the Ketogenic Diet Leads To Weight Loss?

What Are Its Side Effects?

  • Therefore, the keto diet can even lead to a decrease in libido. When a person starts a keto diet, his body goes through a drastic change. The body does not receive enough amount of carbs. Thus, it can lead to falling in libidos.
  • Moreover, keto can even lead to dehydration. During keto diet out body can become low on electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. It can also lead to kidney damage, kidney stones, headache, etc.
  • Most importantly, when people follow a keto diet, their body starts losing nutrients and vitamins. In the keto diet, you cannot eat a variety of fruits. You do not receive enough amount of fibers and vitamins.
  • Therefore, the keto diet is not for everyone. Before following the keto diet, you have to consult a dietitian. According to your reports, your dietitian will guide you.
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